DYU Electric Bike Review

DYU D3f Electric Bike Review

DYU is a Chinese electric bike company specializing in compact electric bikes. Their products may look pretty quirky, but are their designs just gimmicks to lure you in, or are they worth your time and money?

In this DYU Electric Bike Review, we will take a close look at the DYU DF3, the popular flagship model. You’ll learn all about what it’s for, what it’s like to ride, and its specifications so you can decide if this is the right electric bike for you.

What Is The DYU DF3 Electric Bike?

The D3F is a compact, lightweight electric bike with tiny wheels. It is different from other electric bikes on the market due to its eye-catching looks and incredible compactness.

It is aimed at people who want a fun and convenient way of getting around but only on paved roads. You definitely won’t see a DYU DF3 on the mountain bike trails, but you may see it on public transport or being unpacked from people’s cars while on day trips.

DYU DF3 Bike Cost

There are other DYU Bikes, but for the purpose of this review, we’re focusing on the popular DYU D3F model, which costs $519.00, depending on seasonality. With that said, we’ve drawn together a quick table along with pricing to give you a better idea of the DYU USA bike range and cost.

DYU Bike ModelPrice Point
D3F 14 Inch Electric Mini Bike Folding Ebike$519.00
D20 20 Inch Folding ebike$649.00
D3+ APP Smart 14 Inch Mini Bike Folding Electric Bikes$579.00
2x D3F 14 Inch Electric Mini Bike Folding Ebike$978.00
DYU R1 Torque Sensor 20 Inch Folding City bike$799.00
S2 10 Inch Mini Electric Bike Compact Stylish Portable Design$429.00

DYU DF3 Purchase Options

With the above base price, there are also other purchase options.

You can opt for:

  • Bike (just the bike for the above cost)
  • Add a lock for an additional circa $40 dollars
  • Add a basket for an additional circa $60 dollars
  • Or, add a bike and basket for a total of $613 dollars

We tested the base version, and while having a basket and lock might make the bike functional for day to day usage, not having them didn’t impair our ability to review the bike.

DYU D3F Features And First Impressions

Design And Build Quality

We have to kick off this DYU electric bike review by talking about the D3F’s frame design. This bike has an interesting aesthetic with its low-slung frame, curving top tube, and small wheels.

The frame is designed to make mounting and dismounting the DYU D3F effortless, and it has a handle integrated into it. This makes it easy to move around and is an excellent place to run a lock through for security.

It weighs 17kg, so it’s not something you’d want to carry for a long way, but it is very convenient.

We like how solid this electric bike feels in terms of build quality. This is a relief after seeing it in pictures, as you could easily mistake it for a toy rather than a serious option for an electric bike.

Another sign that DYU is confident that the D3F is to be used as a legitimate form of transport is waterproofing. They have made this electric bike IP54, which means it’s protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust and water spray in any direction. So, you can ride it in the rain, but don’t clean it with a pressure washer or ride through a ford.

Motor And Battery

The motor has 250W and is mounted in the rear wheel hub. It has a top speed of 15.5mph. This may not seem that punchy, but it’s as fast as you want to go on an electric bike like this.

That curvy shape inside the frame is a box that houses the 36V 10 Ah lithium-ion battery. This takes 5 to 6 hours to charge from 0 to 100% and gives you 15 to 35 miles of range in throttle mode and 30 to 37 miles using pedal assist. But the range will vary dramatically depending on your weight, the profile of your journey, and how you ride.

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How The DYU D3F Rides

You’ll be surprised at how quickly the little D3F accelerates, even with the small 250W motor. It zips along flat surfaces easily, and you may find that you don’t need to hit the top speed too often, as 10 mph feels pleasant and comfortable.

The D3F has small wheels and a short wheelbase, which significantly contributes to its compactness. However, this doesn’t create the most stable ride.

The compactness makes the DYU D3F quite wobbly. This is why we said the top speed of 15.5 mph is fast enough. However, the small wheels give this bike low gearing, making climbing small hills surprisingly spritely. Still, you may want to avoid cobbles and potholes, as they will feel much larger than they would on an electric bike with larger wheels.

After a couple of rides, you’ll learn how to get the best out of the D3F and begin to enjoy its agile handling and tight turning circle.

Most bikes of this type only have a throttle or pedal assist, So you will like that you can ride DYU D3F either on the throttle or while pedaling. 

The D3F is a single-speed bike, so it doesn’t have a derailleur. This means that it performs best on flat-ish roads. So, if you live in a hilly area, you’d be better off with a more powerful electric bike with gears.

Display And Controls

The display on the DYU D3F has a clean and simple look. The screen is easy to see and read, even in direct sunlight, and it features intuitive controls. There’s a button located on the left to switch the bike on, while the right-hand button switches the cadence sensor on and off.

You switch the lights on by holding down the button on the right of the handlebars for a few seconds.

How Easy Is The DYU D3F To Live With?

Most people will buy a DYU D3F for its compactness and portability. This bike becomes more compact when you drop the handlebars allowing you to squeeze it into tight spaces, helped by the integrated handle.

It’s super easy to mount and dismount, so if you have mobility issues or wear long clothing, this could be the electric bike for you. You’ll also be impressed with the saddle comfort, which is a surprise considering the bike’s compactness.

You can accessorize the D3F with a cargo rack too. This is strong enough to carry 45kg, but remember, the extra weight will reduce your bike’s range.

The DYU D3F’s ease of use starts when it arrives. Due to its small size, DYU doesn’t have to break it down into a thousand pieces to ship. The result is a fast assembly that should have you riding in no less than 10 minutes, as long as your battery is charged.

The simplicity and well-thought-out design of the D3F make it easy to live with. But you need to be realistic about its capabilities. This bike will not take you over rugged terrain and cross country; it’s for nipping about and making short journeys without your car.

DUY D3f Ebike review measurements


It’s refreshing to see that DYU has fitted the D3F with mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes would be overkill on a bike like this, but these mechanical items provide plenty of stopping power and are much safer than rim brakes, especially in wet weather.

The brakes also have cut-off switches built into the levers. This means that when you brake, the motor automatically switches off, shortening your stopping distances, which is a welcome safety feature.

The D3F has a reasonably bright headlight that is pretty good in low-light conditions. But, you may want to supplement it with a brighter one on the handlebars or mount one to your helmet if you’re going to do lots of riding at night. There’s also a tail light to enhance your safety when riding on the road in the dark, although this is battery-powered, and you need to fit it yourself.

When it comes to safety, the D3F is pretty good, but you need to exercise caution when riding on bumpy roads and keep a lookout for bumps and potholes, thanks to those tiny wheels.

What We Don’t Like About The DYU D3F

To ensure we give you a balanced DYU electric bike review, we need to talk about the negatives and disadvantages of the D3F. To be honest, there’s not much more to add, but it’s worth emphasizing the shortfalls.

If you’re a tall or large rider, you may want to look for an alternative electric bike. You may find the grips too small, causing your knuckles to rub the buttons. Also, heavier cyclists will feel that the bike is underpowered. This is a similar story if you ride in hilly areas. This bike is best suited to flat terrain with the occasional small hill.

The lack of stability from the bike’s short wheelbase and small wheels takes some getting used to. Therefore, nervous or novice riders may find the D3F tricky to get on with in the early days of ownership. However, they will find this electric bike lots of fun when they get to grips with it.

Our Verdict Of The DYU D3F Electric Bike

To conclude our DYU electric bike review, we’ll summarize our findings. The DYU D3F is an incredibly fun electric bike to ride once you’ve got used to its wobbly handling. Even though the D3F has a small motor, you’ll find the little kick of torque when accelerating entertaining every time you ride.

Its compactness means you can take it anywhere, so it’s ideal for “last mile” commutes, day trips and weekend fun. It would make an excellent addition to your caravan or boat, as long as you’re not visiting somewhere too hilly.

We like the look and design of the DYU D3F, as it offers something different and fun from traditional electric bikes. Although, you’ll need to get used to turning heads as you ride.

In total, we think 3.5/5 is a fair score.

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