How To Mend A Puncture On An Electric Bike

How to fix an electric bike tire puncture

Mending a puncture on an electric bike is much like mending one on a normal bike. However, a lot of electric bikes are much heavier, so if you need to do any lifting it might make the procedure a bit harder. Also, you don’t want to keep the bike out in adverse conditions for too long because overexposure to water hurts the battery. 

The Simple Way To Mend An Electric Bike Puncture On The Road

If you need to mend the puncture quickly this is what you’ll need. If you have more time and want a permanent solution, skip ahead.

This solution is good if you’re out on a trail or in the middle of a commute to work. It’s also a good fix if you’re a courier and are in the middle of a shift. 

This quickfire guide assumes you’ve got the right tools needed to fix a bike puncture, which we’ll go through at the end of the article.

Repairing a tire on the road can be easy depending on the extent of the damage.

Quick Spray Tire Sealant – There are many different tire sealants out there, and you’ll have to have one in your bag ready. You need to find the puncture (not always easy) and apply to spray sealant to the hole. This won’t last forever, but it should get you back home so a more permanent fix can be applied. 

Puncture Patch – Again, another quick fix but the puncture will inevitably reappear in the same place. You patch over the puncture. You have to ensure the puncture repair patch is flat, with no air in it. Try to smooth it down from one edge to the other, and then press over it gently. It sounds easy, but depending on the bike treads it can be quite difficult to get it to the right place, especially on a mountain bike. 

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Big tires are better for off road electric biking

Fix A Puncture On Your Electric Bike Permanently

Fixing the tire on the road is all well and good, and can ensure you get home safely or get to finish your shift. You’ll want a more permanent fix in place though and if you can do it yourself you’ll save some money. Remember, you’re not trying to patch up but fix it entirely.

Step One: Stick the bike in its highest gear, and make sure any electrical components are turned off. This depends on what kind of electric bike you use. Having the bike in the highest gear simply means you’ll have better access to the rear hub.

Step Two: Turn your electric bike upside down so it’s resting on the handlebars with the wheels in the air. 

Step Three: Disconnect any electronics. This might involve unplugging an electric motor cable or just making sure there’s no longer power to the motor. Each electric bike brand is different. 

Step Four: Make sure you safely remove the brake system or the brake assembly. Again, this varies from one brand to the next but it’s important to deal with the brake at this point otherwise you might end up damaging it when you remove the wheel. 

Step Five: Remove any bolt covers (usually rubber or plastic) and unscrew the bolts using the relevant tool. An allen key is usually required but you might need a screwdriver or a wrench too. Be careful with the bolts as they might have seized.

Step Six: Remove the wheel while taking care to properly unhook the chain. If you pull it back at the right angle it’ll unhook from the chain ring. Be careful, you don’t want to snap or damage the chain. 

Step Seven: You can now replace the tire, or just replace the inner tube. You might want to put on an off road tire, or even a racing tire. Once you’ve done this, just reverse the steps above.

When you’re all done and set make sure you walk your bike around to make sure the chain is seated properly and that the tire is back on properly. This is safer than just jumping onto the bike and riding off down the road. 

Tools You Should Carry To Help Fix The ebike puncture

It depends where you’re going and how long you’ll be out. If you’re mountain biking over a trail, then you’ll want to stock up for sure. If you’re going out for a quick ride locally on your road bike you might not need all of them:

  • Multi Tool
  • Spare inner tube
  • Tire patches
  • Air pump (portable)
  • Wheel magnet
  • Chain link

Some tools are easier to carry than others, but if you just consider buying a small pack and leaving the essentials in there you’ll have peace of mind and will be able to mend a puncture on an electric bike as well as repair a broken chain, worn down brake pads as well as other problems.

Electric Bike Puncture Prevention

As well as being able to fix a puncture, there are steps you can take which can limit the possibility of ever having to mend a puncture on an electric bike. If you end up riding over a nail, or something really sharp nothing is going to stop a puncture occurring…but you can hedge the odds in your favor. Here’s how you can stop it happening:

Choose The Right Tires

If you’re taking your bike off road, up and down mountains which are covered by sharp and annoying rocks, you’d be better off using an off road tire. If you don’t you can easily end up damaging them. Use the right tires for the job and change them when you need to.

Don’t Ride In The Gutter On The Edge Of The Road

If you’re using your bike as a road bike don’t ride near the edge. Rubbish and clutter end up there and glass can easily puncture your tire and lead to you having an accident.

Check Your Tires Often

If you check them often you’ll be able to spot slow punctures or areas which are wearing thin…enabling you to fix them before going out on the road. 

Keep An Eye On The Rim

The rim surrounds the tire and if there’s a problem there it can lead to a puncture. It might be a sliver of metal which has been knocked during a bad bump. This could eventually puncture the tire. Checking the rim before a ride is good practice.

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Relax When Fixing Your Puncture

It can be pretty stressful having to replace a puncture. Whether you’re doing it on the road or at home. Parts can be fiddly and it’s quite easy to get stressed out. Remember, there are always experts out there who can help you or lend you advice. You could take your ebike to a bike shop to repair the puncture on the electric bike or look for specific manufacturer information online.

There are also many tutorials in a video format which you can find online too. Whatever situation you’re in…just remember there’s always going to be a way to fix your bike even if you can’t quite do it yourself.

Check out our blog for more posts regarding all things electric bikes and our review page for information on some of the ebikes out there.

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