How to Increase The Speed Of Your Electric Bike: 8 Methods That Work

working on an ebike to make it faster

We all want a little bit more of a boost from time to time. Well, here are eight ways we like to get more boost out of our bikes. The key here is to ensure it’s done in a safe way that ensures you and those around you aren’t in more danger. Speed can be increased, but you just need to be careful when doing so. When appropriate, we like to get every ounce of juice out of our electric bikes and here are a few ways we’ve done so, you can do the same.

Words of Caution: Know the Local Regulations

Before attempting to increase your ebike’s speed, it’s important to note that its speed is mostly dependent on its electric motor. Most electric bikes have speed limiters, which restrict the maximum speed. These limiters are designed to ensure your safety and comply with local regulations. Therefore, you must ensure that attempting to increase your ebike’s speed is allowed by local laws and regulations.

For example, in Arizona, an ebike is classed as a bike going under 20mph. So, if you altered it to go over 20mph, it’s technically not an ebike anymore but a motorvehicle with the same classification as a car or motorbike. This is where you need to be careful.

Adjust the Settings

Most e bikes for sale come with speed limiters, but they are adjustable. You can program them to meet your needs by accessing the menu on the display. For example, on some e bikes you can set the speed limit to a range of 7 mph to 30 mph, depending on your preferences. You can pick and choose the speed range yourself on certain ebike models, the trick is in ensuring you keep the speed within local guidelines.

Adjusting the setting on an electric bike

Choose a Higher Voltage Battery

The voltage of your ebike battery contributes significantly to its speed and power. Generally, the higher the voltage, the more speed and power you get. Therefore, when selecting an ebike battery, you should consider its voltage. A high voltage battery is usually around 52V, providing increased speed and power with a capacity of 1040Wh, offering a max range of 80 miles. Whereas smaller electric bike batteries are 400wh capacity. A significant difference. Check with your supplier and see if they offer a better performing battery as an upgrade.

Upgrade the Motor

Swapping out your ebike’s motor is an effective way to make it faster. The motor’s power is measured in watts and torque, so you should choose a high wattage and torque motor. For example, a medium ebike would have 750 watts and 96 torque motor, enabling the bike to reach speeds of up to 25km/h, equivalent to an 800cc fuel motorcycle. You can get better motors on some models and worse on others. Upgrading the motor isn’t as hard as you think but if you’re not sure what to do you should probably get some technical help.

Ebike with a good motor

Reduce the Weight

The weight of your ebike affects its speed. Therefore, removing unnecessary weight can help increase your ebike’s speed. You can achieve this by getting rid of items you don’t need or replacing heavy parts with lighter ones. A lot of people stick accessories on their ebike which can contribute to bad aerodynamic drag. At the same time, you can focus on losing a little bit of weight yourself and you’d be able to increase the bikes acceleration for sure.

Change the Tires

If your ebike comes with off-road or mountain ebike tires, consider changing them to road tires. Road tires have lower rolling resistance, which means they offer less resistance and increase speed. Slick tires have the lowest rolling resistance and are the best option for increasing ebike speed. A hybrid ebike sounds great but you just need to make sure you swap the tires around so that you have the best set on for any given situation.

Adjust Your Riding Posture

Your riding posture can affect your ebike’s speed. When you ride with a straight back, you produce more air resistance, which decreases your speed. Therefore, consider bending or crouching your posture to reduce resistance and increase your speed. This can take some time. If you’ve ridden the same way for your whole life, forcing your body into a different posture can feel really uncomfortable. Just be diligent and do it everyday and eventually you’ll get the hand of it.

Use a Windshield

Adding a windshield to your ebike can reduce air resistance, making it more aerodynamic and increasing speed. Windshields are especially helpful when riding against strong headwinds. Grabbing a windshield for an ebike sounds a bit weird, but if your commute every morning is into winds that both annoy you and slow you down, a windshield can make all the difference.

Use Pedal Assist

Using pedal assist, or pedaling while your ebike is in motion, can help increase your speed. This method allows you to contribute to the bike’s movement and helps the motor work less, conserving energy and increasing speed. This one is pretty obvious but the amount of people we’ve seen that simply haven’t known how to turn it on is crazy. Read the bike manual and make sure you’re turning the pedal assist mode on properly.

To Finish Up: Always Prioritize Safety

These eight methods are effective ways to increase the speed of your ebike. However, it’s important to prioritize safety when attempting to increase your ebike’s speed. The faster you go, the more danger you and those around you are in. Keep in mind that local regulations and laws concerning ebike speed must always be observed. With these methods, you can make your ebike faster and more fun to ride.

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